Farm Camp

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/farm_camp.mp3″] Since quality food is our best medicine and since children are the future of our species, when kids learn about the benefits of locally produced food, there is hope. Thanks to the Internet, farmer’s markets and widespread media reporting on the dangers of industrial food, consumers are starting to see the importance of […]

Smart Shopping

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/smart_shopping.mp3″] Americans, who read the news and pay attention to current trends, understand that, with some education and effort, they can make smart, healthy and directed consumer choices. Applying what we learn about conservation, to spending in our own marketplace, can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle and make a difference in our interconnected […]

Running Green

The industry of road running and racing is beginning to face up to the challenge of mediating their carbon footprint. Whether it’s drinking cups, safety pins, t-shirts or sponsor giveaways, these large-population events now realize there’s a better, more environmentally friendly way to do business on race day.  Tune in to find out how these […]

Healthy Homes

Despite generations of unhealthy domestic products flooding our super markets and toxifying our homes, consumers are learning to re-create healthy homes with safer products and common sense.  From personal care and cleaning products to building materials and energy, new markets are flourishing, providing clean alternatives with minimal or no toxic side affects to people, pets […]