Edible Landscape

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/edible_landscape.mp3″] With food prices going through the roof, folks across the nation are returning to an age old tradition, planting beautiful, money saving and edible landscaping. Instead of just colorful vegetation, growing beautiful and edible yard plants can save money on the food bill, provide a very local source for nutrition and help reduce […]


  In nature, there is no waste. The ‘leftovers’ are simply recycled as input or ‘food’ for another part of the ecosystem. In todays’ homes, communities and cities around the world, a growing number of eaters are recycling their food waste by composting, as would nature. Join us to hear why composting is a practical, […]

No Spray

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/no_spray.mp3″] Despite marketing spin and availability, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers are not very safe for humans and the environment. When sprayed on our backyards, city parks and in industrial agriculture as they are across the nation, cumulative effects of toxic residue, in the biosphere, can have lasting effects. This over use of chemicals […]