Live Christmas Trees

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/live_christmastrees.mp3″] If healthy rich soil serves as the digestive system of the planet then, trees are the lungs. They play a major role in absorbing carbon dioxide, filtering air pollution and making oxygen. Trees help control erosion and support healthy soil, which sequesters even more CO2. But how often do you/we go out and […]

Near Zero Energy Homes

Countless homeowners, businesses and institutions are making the shift toward energy sustainability, and many are starting with their homes.  Armed with a growing set of effective renewable energy systems a growing percentage of Americans are investing in passive and active solar homes that are designed to prioritize energy efficiency. State and federal tax credits are […]

Simple Steps

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/simple_steps.mp3″] Conventional energy production is dirty. Despite recent global Climate summits and their often heated sessions, inaction is not reducing man made damage to the atmosphere. While most citizens rely on legislation for protection from excessive pollution, generations of unsustainable production, consumption and toxic waste burden the natural forces behind climate cycles. Corporate operatives […]

Cool Cities

As the world’s population continues to grow and manmade pollution increases, the United States is far behind governments around the world in taking steps to fight climate change and create  more sustainable systems. Tune in to learn how many local governments are beginning to take action on their own, creating a global shift in the […]

Construction Recycling

Only 30 years ago, Americans still threw trash out of car windows.  Although we’ve learned to manage some of our waste, we still throw trash into landfills in unprecedented amounts.  Trash that’s made of valuable raw materials… that take considerable  energy to produce.  One might ask why we throw it away?  Tune in to hear […]