Edible Landscape

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/edible_landscape.mp3″] With food prices going through the roof, folks across the nation are returning to an age old tradition, planting beautiful, money saving and edible landscaping. Instead of just colorful vegetation, growing beautiful and edible yard plants can save money on the food bill, provide a very local source for nutrition and help reduce […]

Food Carbon

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/food_carbon.mp3″] Thanks to documentaries like Food Inc., consumers are learning the truth about the climate impact resulting from unsustainable, industrial, food supply systems. Investigative food journalist Michael Pollan, reports that the amount of energy required by these hi-tech, fossil fuel based food factories, causes more greenhouse gases than our entire transportation sector. Have a […]

Junk Food

What do Big Agriculture, Big Medicine and Big Pharmaceuticals all have in common? They prosper from consumers who eat Junk Food. While industrial agriculture, the ballooning western medicine system and global pharmaceuticals offer many benefits to an expanding population, there is an unhealthy link between the Big Three. Big Ag brings us junk, in the […]