Read Labels

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/read_labels.mp3″] If your gramma couldn’t pronounce it, well, you might not want to eat it. With over 80,000 largely untested, man-made chemicals in use today, whole, organic food is still known as one of gramma’s best medicines. Non-organic factory foods, routinely made with chemicals known to increase shelf life and sales, damage our health […]

Food Apps

The quality of the food we eat directly affects our personal health… and petroleum-based, industrial food systems impact the natural world.  Big Ag’s resistance to truthful labeling makes it hard to know which products and foods are genetically modified and pesticide free… or have a lower impact on the biosphere and create less waste. Luckily, […]

Junk Food

What do Big Agriculture, Big Medicine and Big Pharmaceuticals all have in common? They prosper from consumers who eat Junk Food. While industrial agriculture, the ballooning western medicine system and global pharmaceuticals offer many benefits to an expanding population, there is an unhealthy link between the Big Three. Big Ag brings us junk, in the […]