One of the major hurdles to a renewed and restored earth is public education. In our busy world, we hear about problems but very little about solutions… The work being done by the folks at Good Dirt Radio helps access the attention of the mass audiences we need to help with environmental restoration. Their news programs inspire people to make informed choices, and that helps us all. — Paul Hawken


tshirt-support-gdrPlease help our non-profit produce free Earth-friendly media for consumers about simple, energy and money saving steps to more sustainable living.

While funding for Good Dirt Radio (GDR) comes from foundations and sponsors, GDR also receives support from individual listeners like you. In fact, without listener support, it would be almost impossible for our non-profit organization to continue to produce our free, sustainability oriented, award-winning programming.

Your support helps fund the real costs of writing and editing, recording and producing, marketing and the development of future reports. With a donation of $75 bucks or more, we’ll send you a cool Who’s Your Mama t-shirt!

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