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Welcome to Good Dirt Radio, reporting on positive change… taking root.Washington power broker, Henry Kissinger said, ‘He who controls the food supply, controls the people.’ And a handful of global food corporations at the top of the food chain are increasingly doing both while damaging the food supply and the biosphere. Today’s biotec giants are saturating worldwide markets with genetically engineered, or genetically modified food products. They patent and own most of the seeds used in the largest crops worldwide, seeds engineered to be pesticide resistant and produce sterile plants. Millions of farmers are forced to re-purchase seeds each year. The ramifications are profound.

Genetically engineered foods like soy, corn, sugar, potatoes and oils are found in 75% of the US food supply and studies show they are linked to health conditions including cancer, immune dysfunction, infertility and accelerated aging. Despite being outlawed in Europe and around the world, a few multinational corporations still pump GE foods through American supermarkets.

Alexis Baden Mayer is Political Director for the national Organic Consumers Association, or OCA, fighting to stop DNA altered foods. As a passionate activist- attorney fighting to get global Ag out of local food, she fills in some important blanks on the hows and whys of GE food products.

Baden Mayer: Genetic engineering is a process through which the DNA of an organism is manipulated in a way that could not occur in nature. The genes in engineered plants are highly transmutable. They come from bacteria and they easily transfer from the plants into the bacteria of the soil and into weeds and other life forms. This is damaging the ecology of the soil and its creating huge problems for farmers because super weeds are destroying their crops and really lowering their yield.

The counterpart of GE seeds and plants is glyphosphate. One formula using glyphosphate is sold under the name Roundup and is known to damage human and animal cells and most non GE plants. Pushed on farmers through aggressive, monopolistic practices, the USDA and FDA are fed pre-scripted legislation by corporations who hide the facts from the public.

Baden Mayer: Most of the genetically engineered crops grown in the United States today are engineered to withstand massive doses of Roundup. There’s never been an agricultural chemical that’s been more used on planet Earth than Roundup and that’s is because of the successful business mode of genetically engineering crops. We know that GMOs are linked to cancer, creating an epidemic of allergies and decreasing the nutrition in our food. And we are very much more susceptible to all forms of disease because of that.

Baden Mayer says while many people don’t yet know about GMOs, most wouldn’t eat them if they did know. Thanks to non-profit groups like the OCA and Green America, a critical mass of people are rising to stop the proliferation of GE products in our food chain, including the perils of GE salmon, also being sold to unsuspecting consumers by biotec companies.

Baden Mayer: GE salmon is dangerous for consumers and its going to produce a salmon that’s far less nutritious than even the factory farmed salmon today. It is inevitable that they will contaminate wild populations through breeding and then wild salmon will lose its nutrition, become contaminated and carcinogenic to humans.

Around the globe, thousands of new ‘freedom zones’ are declaring GMOs illegal in their jurisdictions. In the emerging national food fight, grassroots organizations are promoting local, healthy food and legislation that requires truth-in-labeling. A growing number of states are also moving to protect shoppers from GMOs by requiring disclosure and labeling – despite being opposed by powerful corporate PR campaigns.

Baden Mayer: The only way you can avoid GMOs in the grocery store is to look for the organic label. Foods labeled USDA Organic and made with organic are completely GMO free. Consumer awareness of GMOs is reaching a high point and we have an opportunity to pass state legislation to label GMO foods. So, educate your families, educate your friends. Please contact your state legislators. When everyone knows, 90 percent of us can not be beat.

For more about the effects of GMOs on our entire chain of life, please visit us at

Shoppers avoiding GE Genetically engineered foods help protect themselves, the biosphere and climate. Every dollar spent at the market, is a vote. It pays to buy organic.

I’m Tom Bartels and I’m Tami Graham. Thanks for joining us on Good Dirt Radio, digging up good news…. for a change.

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