Slow Food Movement

Slow Food


When Carlo Petrini heard that a Macdonald’s restaurant was going to be built adjacent to the Spanish Steps in Rome, this Italian citizen did not get in line for the first trans-fatty burger. Instead, he organized demonstrators, who made headlines by wielding bowls of penne pasta and chanting “No fast food. We want slow food.” That was 1986, and the start of the Slow Food Movement. Since then, Slow Food has become an international organization with chapters found in over 80 countries, including the U.S. With an original mission tantalizing us to delight in wholesome food while finding pleasure again in hospitality and the kitchen, Slow Food has broadened its goals. Tune in to find out how enjoying the pleasures of eating can help save foods and cultures throughout the world.

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Links/Info/Resources – Information on how to start your own convivium, or to locate a convivium in your area. – Ark of Taste and Presidia – Slow Food Wise, Southeast Wisconsin – Other Slow Food programs like taste education and school programs. – An interview with Carlo Petrini.

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