Three Sisters

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Centuries ago, the Iroquois were among the early North American cultures who reaped the magic of a good garden. They discovered that certain sister plants thrive when grown together. Corn prospers inside a cluster of squash or pumpkins, creating a sustainable ecosystem as beans grow up the stalks for shade, support and protection. The prickly squash also helps deter rodents and deer from munching the goods. These gardens are historically called the Three Sisters. Join us to find out why today’s gardeners still enjoy the extra symbiotic productivity that Three Sisters offer.

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Melinda Myers, LLC
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Grass Roots

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While Washington’s broken public systems have a profound effect on local people, corporations are free to fund politicians. Swarms of lobbyists for the power elite have a growing stranglehold on politicians who will put private interests and enormous profits, ahead of the public good. But all the while, folks are learning that real solutions for retooling, and creating cleaner living systems, exist on the local, community and grass roots levels. Listen in to hear how grass roots groups can empower citizens to get involved in creating the kind of world they want.

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Organic Wine

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Did you know that most wines are grown with petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides? These industrial chemicals poison the soil, water and ecosystems including birds, bees and fish. They often survive the wine making process and traces can be found in your drink and your body. Factory made sulfites, a toxic preservative that also affects our biosphere, are then added to most wines to extend their shelf life. Tune in to hear why organically produced wines, produced with no sulfites, are better for us, and the biosphere.

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Green Chemistry

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Imagine, just for a moment, a world where man-made chemicals are safe for human health and the natural world. Well, if the Green Chemistry Institute has its way, this dream will continue to become reality. For years, proponents of green chemistry have been thinking about tomorrow while designing the next generation of products and processes. Join us to find out how this dream is fast becoming a reality of change.

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Dr. Julie Haack

Corporate Presidential Green Chemistry Award Winners

Green Chemistry In Review:


University of Oregon Sites
GEMS [Greener education materials for Chemists] for Chemists

Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice by Dr. Paul Anastas
Green Chemistry-Stopping Pollution Before it Starts, by
Michelle La Merrill, Kathryn Parent, Mary Kirchhoff
Chemistry for Green Environment, by M. M. Srivastava

Food Carbon

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Thanks to documentaries like Food Inc., consumers are learning the truth about the climate impact resulting from unsustainable, industrial, food supply systems. Investigative food journalist Michael Pollan, reports that the amount of energy required by these hi-tech, fossil fuel based food factories, causes more greenhouse gases than our entire transportation sector. Have a listen to learn more about the amount of carbon pollution that comes from our industrialized food systems.

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Polyface Inc.
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