Organic Tree Support


Trees are dying in the west. Invasive insects are a huge problem. Arborists are busy. People have grown attached to their trees, especially people who have lived with these trees around their homes for years and years. Fortunately, pesticides are no longer the only option to save trees. Find out how Vita Agra Vpx, a new alternative organic spray, is a good step toward saving your trees while not killing insects, bees and fish and without damaging ecosystems with toxic sprays.

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Links/Info/Resources (Choose the “Vita-Agri” link.)

Vita-Certified Sprayers:

Albuquerque, New Mexico: (Sandia Park) NM: Friends of the Trees

Prescott, Arizona: Praying Mantis Pest Control

Show Low, Arizona: Nila-Cunningham, Inc.
Dave Nila
Durango, Colorado: Affordable Fellers
Hans Hartman


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