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Our youth hold vital potential as a wellspring of positive change in a world challenged by environmental pollution and destruction. Educators have repeatedly shown that children who are exposed to the wonders, beauty, balance and interconnectedness of nature, grow up respecting the natural world and being better stewards of the earth.  Join us to hear about the widespread availability of environmental education programs for children of all ages, economic and cultural backgrounds teaching the common theme of understanding and caring for nature.

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Fox Outdoor School

The Teton Science Schools
P.O. Box 68, Kelly, WY 83011
Phone 307-733-4765

Raised Garden Bed Kits for Kids [and adults]

Green Teacher Magazine

Ocean Sciences Education K-12 Resource Center

Center for Environmental Education (CEE) – Antioch

Center for Global Environmental Education
Classroom Earth K-12 Resources

Nature-Awareness Picture Books (K-6)

Education for a Sustainable Future – Resource Database

Education Oasis

Educator’s Reference Desk


EEK! Environmental Education for Kids Grades 4-8

Environmental Education Station

EPA – Environmental Education Resources for Grades 9-12

Facing the Future: People and the Planet

Global, Environmental and Outdoor Education Council


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