Radio stations: download eco-spots and PSAs

Our stories are FREE to download and air for your station’s listeners! Use these links to access GDR’s FTP site to download groups or whole folders of 5-minute reports and related 25-second promos as LQ.mp3, HQ.mp3 or .aiff audio files. Safari or Firefox are recommended.

We suggest that stations run the 25-second promos to increase listenership for the eco-spots. If your station commits to air our Weekly Wake-up Call series, Good Dirt Radio will produce a custom promotional piece with your station name.

Good Dirt Radio also offers well over a hundred quality, 30-second PSAs that intrigue the listener to stay tuned. All are available for FREE download.

1]. For bulk downloads of Good Dirt Radio’s LQ.mp3 – 5 minute reports and related 25-second .mp3 promos: LQ = low resolution, suitable for radio and web use, same resolution as on GDR’s website. All reports and promos in this folder are in alphabetical order with playlists:

2]. For bulk downloads of Good Dirt Radio’s HQ.mp3, 5-minute reports: There are 10 folders [of 12 each] of High Quality audio reports inside this folder, each with a playlist:

3]. For highest quality, .aiff audio files of reports and promos: Each folders contains 12 reports, 12 related promos, and a playlist. <through>

4]. For downloading PSA30.mp3 files [30-second mp3 PSAs]: These are intriguing, fun and great for stations to run for ‘Public Service Announcement’ time and can be used as a promo for reports as well.

For technical assistance, please email us at:

GDRbrochureSMClick on image to view and download our brochure.

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