Radio stations: Why air our spots?

Good Dirt Radio is run by a group of perpetually hopeful and eager volunteers who would like to reach as many people as possible with positive solutions to Earth’s challenges. We professionally produce engaging and informative audio spots on important topics with practical suggestions on what they can do to be a part of the solution.


Here are some great benefits for your radio station:

• free positive programming that can be monitized

• more than 100 timely, relevant, practical and educational stories for listeners

• helps raise awareness for a cleaner, healthier biosphere

• fulfills most public-service station requirements

• promotes good will to your station

easy to download from our website or ftp site

• new and interesting content every month

• “evergreen” list of stories from which you can pick and choose

• 5-minute format or 30 sec PSAs that fit into programming schedule

• great track record of pleasing listeners

Our FREE eco-spots are great reminders that anyone can do something to help, and we’d like to get the good word out. (We’ve also got free 30sec PSAs.) How we can be a part of your broadcast? Our Weekly Wake-up Call program would be a great way to try us out.


Here’s what other radio station program directors and managers say about Good Dirt Radio:

“I knew Good Dirt Radio was going to be a great addition to KDUR’s content the day we began airing the program. Having two hosts that are KDUR alumni is one thing—but beyond the familiarity of Tom and Tami’s voices, the content is something everyone can use. From recycled paper to green hotels, the farm to school food program to back-yard farming tips, the information that is packed into those 5-minute programs has encouraged our listeners to pursue the programs topics and to instill the Good Dirt Radio message into their own lives. That’s exactly what radio should do.”

Bryant Ligget, Station Manager


“Good Dirt Radio is a great compliment to our programming at KBUT. Free, regionally-produced programs aren’t easy to come by, especially those that focus on environmental issues. As far as content goes, we really like how Good Dirt Radio provides positive solutions that everyday people can tackle on their own. It’s practical information and advice that’s meant to inspire positive action and change; that’s great radio! Formatically, Good Dirt Radio is a consistent 5 minute segment, making it perfect to drop into the ‘newshole’ during programs such as World Cafe, Wait Wait, Don’t Tell me, Fresh Air, and during live DJ programming. We’re happy to have it as part our regular schedule at KBUT.”

Chad Reich, Program Director


“KSJD is proud to air Good Dirt Radio’s well-produced modules that focus on the environment and how to live in a more sustainable way. As a small, public radio station with a limited capacity for producing news, we rely on Good Dirt Radio to help us cover what is happening in the world of environmental issues while keeping content rooted in what is relevant to our listeners in the Four Corners area. These listeners appreciate the positive, action-oriented approach that Good Dirt Radio brings to its coverage, giving them new ways to approach sometimes complex problems that can yield measurable, everyday results. Our underwriters also key on Good Dirt Radio’s positive messages, providing a deeper value for our business supporters who recognize the importance of KSJD’s programming on climate change, outdoor ethics, food systems, and other environmental topics.”

Tom Yoder, Programming & Media Director
KSJD Community Radio

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