Kid Gardens

Kids Gardens

Backyard gardening is returning to the mainstream. When industrialized food production was born in the 20th century, people were ready for less work and more comfort. Generations have bought into the ease and availability of processed factory foods but our dependence on large scale industrial food production has come at a huge cost. Most factory farms rely on the concentrated use of fossil fuels, toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers that poison the environment and our bodies. Meanwhile, organic gardening proponents, working from the sidelines, are seeing a resurgence in the art of growing healthy, local food. Today, leaders of the Organic Movement, such as the Organic Consumers Association, are fighting for our health by promoting rules such as labeling requirements for genetically modified and engineered foods. Many people have already taken dirt into their own hands and started gardening. They often find a payback for their work and create a pathway to more sustainable living and self-reliance. In the process, they’re also gaining an understanding of the natural limits of the biosphere. Large numbers of local schools now offer gardening time and educators say its one of the best places for kids to learn. In spite of current funding cuts, gardening programs continue to flourish in schools. Tune in to hear more about kids gardening, and the positive benefits they reap for a lifetime.

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