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Ripple Effect

Do you feel overwhelmed by media reports about the devastating effects of climate change? Would you welcome news stories that present the solutions to these environmental problems? This is what Good Dirt Radio is all about: telling success stories, encouraging positive action, inspiring hope for the future, contributing to the Ripple Effect of change.

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Through our Weekly Wake-Up Call audio reports, we give everyday people and environmental activists a forum to tell their stories—in their own voices—about the constructive actions they are taking to address climate change and other ecological issues. These inspiring and educational reports offer listeners an antidote to negative, doomsday environmental news reporting.

Perhaps you have heard many of our 120 reports highlighting topics like energy efficiency, local food initiatives, and waste reduction that feature the voices from more than 200 organizations and individuals? Our reports are broadcast weekly on radio stations in Colorado and the West to over 250,000 people. Offered FREE to everyone—24/7, the reports can be heard online via our website, the Durango Herald, and Facebook.

This is the Ripple Effect in action. This is how we can spread the seldom-heard stories about positive environmental actions. This is how, together, we can defeat the fear mongering media.

Your support helps fund the real costs of writing and editing, recording and producing, marketing and the development of future reports. With a donation of $75 bucks or more, we’ll send you a cool Who’s Your Mama t-shirt!

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