Green Cemeteries

When it comes to resource efficiency, even in death, we have choices that can affect a sustainable future.  Consider the conventional burial, American style, which annually requires 30 million board feet of lumber, over a hundred thousand tons of steel and some 828,000 gallons of embalming fluid.  Over the past decade there’s been renewed interest in “eco-cemeteries”, where people and pets, through respectful, natural burials, are again becoming part of the landscape. And they’re helping preserve land in the process.  Join us to find out more about the benefits offered by green cemeteries

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Memorial Ecosystems and Ramsey Creek Reserve
Westminster, SC 29693

Center for Ethical Burial

Forever Fernwood
Mill Valley, CA

Praire Wilderness Cemetery
Denver, CO 80218

Cremations: Consumer Resource Guide

For information on land conservation and founding a green cemetery, or for finding a green cemetery near you:

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