Movies and media. They help us understand who we are, as individuals and as a culture. While main-stream media, seems to highlight primarily negative role models as normal, a groundswell of people are watching nature related movies and documentaries as a way to enrich their lives and learn more, about their world. Join us to hear why eco-movies can be a powerful way to help us understand and vividly see how personal and family lifestyle choices affect the whole.

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List of Eco-Movies
•    Eco-Movies
•    Food Inc.
•    Food Fight
Slow Food
•    Food Matters
•    Forks over Knives
•    Hungry for Change
•    Fed Up
•    Vegucated
•    National Geographic Amazing Planet
•    Nat. Geo Documentaries
•    March of the Penguins
•    Kayaanisqatsi
•    An Inconvenient Truth
•    The Day After Tomorrow
•    Damnation
•    Thrive!
•    Fellowship Of The Whales
•    Whale Rider
•    Winged Migration
•    FernGully: The Last Rainforest
•    Birds of the Gods
•    Born Wild
•    Avatar
•    The Wolf that Changed America
•    Man’s Best Friend
•    The Himalayas
•    Amazing Places
•    Erin Brokovich
•    Endangered Animals
•    Wild Ocean
•    The Planets
•    Wildlife!
•    Earth
•    The Blue Planet
•    Nature of Existence
•    American Eagle
•    Holy Cow
•    Silence of the Bees
•    Outback Pelicans
•    Discover Planet Ocean
•    Ocean
•    Planet Ocean
•    Wild Ocean
•    Gasland I and II
•    Split Estate
•    The Ethics of Fracking
•    Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia
•    Call of Life
•    Inside the Garbage of the World
•    The Burning Question
•    Years of Living Dangerously
•    Energy Quest USA
•    Powering the Planet
•    Earth: The Operators’ Manual
•    Seeds of Permaculture
•    The Next Wave
•    Back to Eden
•    To the Last Drop
•    Do the Math
•    Salmon Confidential
•    Turlock
•    Damocracy
•    Between Sky and Ocean
•    Crash Course: Ecology
•    Edible City: Grow the Revolution
•    Green Gold
•    The Cleantech Future
•    Fracking in America
•    The Battle for the Arctic
•    Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification
•    The Boy Who Cried Warming
•    At the Edge of the World
•    All Things Are Connected
•    The Sky is Pink
•    The Fight for Amazonia
•    The Plastic Cow
•    We the Tiny House People
•    A River of Waste
•    Manufactured Landscapes
•    Climate Change
•    Hot Planet
•    Meet the Climate Skeptics
•    Poison Fire
•    Freedom Fuels
•    Gashole
•    Deepwater Disaster: The Untold Story

There are hundreds more!

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