Paper or Plastic

Paper or plastic?  The pedestrian question we are all too familiar with.  What is the best answer?  Neither!  Paper bags require large amounts chemicals and energy and valuable trees, which play a vital role in balancing our climate.  Plastic bags support our addiction to petroleum, are wasteful and toxic to nature. Join us to hear […]

Donate Today to Help Us Spread Positive Environmental News!

Do you feel overwhelmed by media reports about the devastating effects of climate change? Would you welcome news stories that present the solutions to these environmental problems? This is what Good Dirt Radio is all about: telling success stories, encouraging positive action, inspiring hope for the future, contributing to the Ripple Effect of change. Make […]

Citizen speak their minds on Earth Day

At Good Dirt Radio we LOVE to connect with community members and visitors to share the success stories of positive environmental action. We believe all action begins locally…and ripples out to the rest of the world. During 2013, our staff and volunteers were out on the street on Earth Day with our mobile recording booth […]