Social Organization


Many religious leaders are responding to the alarming deterioration of our environment and lack of significant political will by dedicating their lives to creating change in their local religious communities.  They are integrating commonly accepted religious and spiritual traditions with environmental awareness.  Join us to hear about Americans, from varied backgrounds, are learning that their […] Find out more

1 Percent for the Planet

With the globe in the throes of unprecedented environmental degradation, a one-percent solution seems almost frivolous. Unless you’re 1 Percent for the Planet, an alliance established by Patagonia founders Yvon and Malinda Chouinard and Blue Ribbon Flies owner Craig Matthews. With their business travels placing them front and center as witnesses to barren tracts of […] Find out more

Earth Guardians

With scientists around the planet ringing the alarm bells on ecological degradation caused largely by burning fossil fuel for energy, transportation and food, young people are realizing that they… will pay the price of the hidden costs of today’s industrial, consumer models. Join us to hear about a growing number of educated, passionate youth environmental […] Find out more

Local Rights

A growing movement of citizens and communities across the nation are standing up to mega corporations that extract resources without regard to the local people or their natural world.  Tune in to find out how the legal structures that promote and protect Big Energy’s practices, are being challenged by Community Bill of Rights laws, which […] Find out more

The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado

At a time when industrial food, produced with pesticides, GMO ingredients and chemical preservatives, is the norm, families across the country are turning to the soil for a saner future. Join us to hear about a rising number of people who are gardening for fun and health, saving money along the way, with a growing […] Find out more