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Zeri-Sustainable Future

Don’t give up hope!  Despite the barrage of unwelcome environmental news, there is a way to perceive our world and our place in the biosphere with fresh eyes.  Deep reverence for nature, economic opportunity and a sustainable future are possible!   ZERI, standing for Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives, is a design methodology based on nature’s […] Find out more

Nature Studies for Kids

Our youth hold vital potential as a wellspring of positive change in a world challenged by environmental pollution and destruction. Educators have repeatedly shown that children who are exposed to the wonders, beauty, balance and interconnectedness of nature, grow up respecting the natural world and being better stewards of the earth.  Join us to hear […] Find out more

WWOOFers – W.W.O.O.F

Food.  How often do we think about where it comes from?  Most of our food in the US comes from corporate, industrial agriculture. The misuse of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers creates major environmental problems.  The health of the soil, ecosystems, farmers and laborers, and entire communities are at risk.  Many people take this threat […] Find out more

Voting With Your Dollars

Today’s world faces a crisis between short-term corporate profit and sustainability. Although no one actually knows where the critical thresholds of planetary balance lie, current legal and political protection of corporations routinely allows widespread abuse of the earth and its inhabitants, the results of which pervade our culture and ecosystems.    But environmental awareness is […] Find out more

Environmental Forensics

In a world assaulted by industrial pollution and minimal governmental protection, individual citizens often embrace environmental action. Many have found a myriad of new green professional careers taught in colleges and universities offering  degrees such as environmental forensics, environmental law and energy and resource management. Join us on Good Dirt Radio to find out how […] Find out more