Renewable Energy

Passive Cooling

Heating and cooling are two of the biggest energy expenses that most consumers face.  But hot air always rises….for free!    The sun’s energy can be harnessed for heating and cooling that can save energy and money in homes and offices.  Passive heating is well known but passive cooling works in warm climates. This natural, energy […] Find out more


Climate change is becoming mainstream news but the connection between our daily consumer habits and global pollution is not. From the demand for hydro-fracked oil and gas and dirty coal to buying Big Ag’s junk and genetically modified food to disposable products, most of us unintentionally propagate unsustainable extraction, pollution and waste with everyday purchases. […] Find out more

Solar Condo

Sunny rooftops are proving to be an excellent asset for property owners faced with rising energy costs. The benefits of rooftop solar include energy income, tax savings and a reduction of one’s carbon footprint. Increasingly, householders are harvesting sunlight for their electricity and heat, saving money on utility bills while reducing climate-changing pollution from burning […] Find out more

Ground Source Heating

Thanks to recent government and university-supported research, ground source heating is re-emerging, with a splash, as one of the most reliable, affordable and cleanest renewable energy technologies available. Modern ground source heat pumps exchange, extract and concentrate the relative, ambient warmth in the Earth to heat homes, business and public buildings. Listen in to find […] Find out more