Renewable Energy

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Do you feel overwhelmed by media reports about the devastating effects of climate change? Would you welcome news stories that present the solutions to these environmental problems? This is what Good Dirt Radio is all about: telling success stories, encouraging positive action, inspiring hope for the future, contributing to the Ripple Effect of change. Make […] Find out more


Many religious leaders are responding to the alarming deterioration of our environment and lack of significant political will by dedicating their lives to creating change in their local religious communities.  They are integrating commonly accepted religious and spiritual traditions with environmental awareness.  Join us to hear about Americans, from varied backgrounds, are learning that their […] Find out more

Renters Options

Just about anyone living under a roof today has heard about investing in and saving on their own energy costs, while helping reduce climate-changing pollution at the same time. The question is, how many renters act on that knowledge? Owners have more incentives then ever to invest in renewable energy but renters also generate a […] Find out more

Eco Brokers

  One man, in Evergreen, CO saw the need for real change in housing and real estate. Well aware of the major impact on climate change caused by, buildings and their energy needs, real estate brokers are learning how to get smarter with the use of sustainable choices, in construction, energy conservation and plain common […] Find out more

Local Rights

A growing movement of citizens and communities across the nation are standing up to mega corporations that extract resources without regard to the local people or their natural world.  Tune in to find out how the legal structures that promote and protect Big Energy’s practices, are being challenged by Community Bill of Rights laws, which […] Find out more