Read Labels

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/read_labels.mp3″] If your gramma couldn’t pronounce it, well, you might not want to eat it. With over 80,000 largely untested, man-made chemicals in use today, whole, organic food is still known as one of gramma’s best medicines. Non-organic factory foods, routinely made with chemicals known to increase shelf life and sales, damage our health […]

Farm Camp

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/farm_camp.mp3″] Since quality food is our best medicine and since children are the future of our species, when kids learn about the benefits of locally produced food, there is hope. Thanks to the Internet, farmer’s markets and widespread media reporting on the dangers of industrial food, consumers are starting to see the importance of […]

Plastic Fast

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/plastic_fast.mp3″]   They do have a place in the modern world but just as lead poisoned the Romans, plastics, of all kinds, are toxic to every living thing. Widespread for less than 50 years, we toss over 30 million TONS of plastic waste, including bags, bottles and packaging for food into the ground each […]

Organic Wine

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/organic_wine.mp3″]   Did you know that most wines are grown with petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides? These industrial chemicals poison the soil, water and ecosystems including birds, bees and fish. They often survive the wine making process and traces can be found in your drink and your body. Factory made sulfites, a toxic preservative […]

Green Chemistry

[powerpress url=”/story_archives/audio/green_chemistry.mp3″] Imagine, just for a moment, a world where man-made chemicals are safe for human health and the natural world. Well, if the Green Chemistry Institute has its way, this dream will continue to become reality. For years, proponents of green chemistry have been thinking about tomorrow while designing the next generation of products […]