Energy Efficiency


Climate change is becoming mainstream news but the connection between our daily consumer habits and global pollution is not. From the demand for hydro-fracked oil and gas and dirty coal to buying Big Ag’s junk and genetically modified food to disposable products, most of us unintentionally propagate unsustainable extraction, pollution and waste with everyday purchases. […] Find out more

Rocket Heaters

  If you live in a cold climate, have high heating costs and access to wood, a do-it-yourself Rocket Mass Heater might be of interest. Its a simple, super-efficient, woodstove that can help you stay t-o-a-s-ty in winter, saving money and pollution. Like a poor-man’s masonry stove, it absorbs and holds heat in a thermal […] Find out more

Energy Incentives

Most citizens have difficulty grasping the enormity of the climate crisis, don’t believe they personally can make a difference or don’t know where to start to get involved. Government has yet to embrace the reality of global warming but tax incentives and rebates for energy conservation and efficiency and renewable energy are available for projects […] Find out more

Simple Steps

Conventional energy production is dirty. Despite recent global Climate summits and their often heated sessions, inaction is not reducing man made damage to the atmosphere. While most citizens rely on legislation for protection from excessive pollution, generations of unsustainable production, consumption and toxic waste burden the natural forces behind climate cycles. Corporate operatives direct government […] Find out more

Energy Audits

  If conservation is the lowest hanging fruit on the energy tree, picking that fruit could be taking the time to find out just how energy efficient your home or office is. Whether you’re a renter or an owner, an energy audit can tell you if and where your building’s heating and cooling energy, and […] Find out more