Energy Efficiency


  Although natural gas plays a vital role in our economy, the hydro-fracking of oil and gas wells is quickly proving to be highly toxic to the bio and atmos spheres. That’s why several communities have banned fracking in their areas. Fracking is a largely unregulated process of injecting poisonous chemicals, explosives and high pressure […] Find out more

Local Rights

A growing movement of citizens and communities across the nation are standing up to mega corporations that extract resources without regard to the local people or their natural world.  Tune in to find out how the legal structures that promote and protect Big Energy’s practices, are being challenged by Community Bill of Rights laws, which […] Find out more

Greening Business

Business is the every-day machinery of our economy. Green business is learning to use resources and energy in more responsible and efficient ways, turning waste and pollution into a better bottom line while reducing related causes of climate change. Join us to hear how leaders, locally and globally, are incorporating sustainability into green business, for […] Find out more

Growth Busters

  With the advent of the industrial age and mass media, consumers have been led to believe that our economy must grow continuously to be healthy, that we must always produce and consume more, to be happy.  An expanding population, driven by advertising spin, lead to rising profits and power for corporations.  And together with […] Find out more

Passive Cooling

Heating and cooling are two of the biggest energy expenses that most consumers face.  But hot air always rises….for free!    The sun’s energy can be harnessed for heating and cooling that can save energy and money in homes and offices.  Passive heating is well known but passive cooling works in warm climates. This natural, energy […] Find out more