Ad Spin

Advertising ‘spin’ commonly hides facts that would help us connect the dots between personal responsibility and poor health, global pollution and climate change. Join us to hear why consumers are researching, reading labels and thinking of personal health and that of the biosphere, seeing through the illusions behind the incessant barrage of ad spin, before […] Find out more

Growth Busters

  With the advent of the industrial age and mass media, consumers have been led to believe that our economy must grow continuously to be healthy, that we must always produce and consume more, to be happy.  An expanding population, driven by advertising spin, lead to rising profits and power for corporations.  And together with […] Find out more

Food Apps

The quality of the food we eat directly affects our personal health… and petroleum-based, industrial food systems impact the natural world.  Big Ag’s resistance to truthful labeling makes it hard to know which products and foods are genetically modified and pesticide free… or have a lower impact on the biosphere and create less waste. Luckily, […] Find out more

5 Gyres

  Plastics serve people’s lives in more ways than we can count. From food bags, packaging and medical care to computers and baby pacifiers, most consumer products contain this petroleum-based material. The toxic footprint of global plastic waste, from almost a century of disposable consumerism, is massive and growing.  Giant patches of floating waste swirl […] Find out more


Climate change is becoming mainstream news but the connection between our daily consumer habits and global pollution is not. From the demand for hydro-fracked oil and gas and dirty coal to buying Big Ag’s junk and genetically modified food to disposable products, most of us unintentionally propagate unsustainable extraction, pollution and waste with everyday purchases. […] Find out more