Energy Innovations

As the end of the petroleum age and cheap energy increasingly affect lifestyles and pocketbooks, entrepreneurs are leading the way to energy independence with innovations like affordable printed solar panels, highly efficient solar water heaters, and hybrid and electric cars capable of recharging from solar power generated from your home!  Tune in to hear about […] Find out more

Voting With Your Dollars

Today’s world faces a crisis between short-term corporate profit and sustainability. Although no one actually knows where the critical thresholds of planetary balance lie, current legal and political protection of corporations routinely allows widespread abuse of the earth and its inhabitants, the results of which pervade our culture and ecosystems.    But environmental awareness is […] Find out more


Bats! Although Hollywood has often portrayed them as mysterious demons from the dark side, bats are intelligent, fascinating creatures that play key roles in nature. When we (consumers poison and kill) these nocturnal radar-flying mosquito and insect eaters, we defeat an important part of our ecosystems. Tune in to hear about how we can help bats help our biosphere and humans. Find out more

Sea Shepherd Society

Historically, mankind has drawn sustainable harvest from the sea. But modern corporate, floating-fish-factories and other high-tech, indiscriminate fish harvesting are irreparably damaging our oceans and marine life. Research has shown that virtually every commercial fishery in the world is in a state of collapse and that our oceans are in great distress.   Join us […] Find out more

Donate Today to Help Us Spread Positive Environmental News!

Do you feel overwhelmed by media reports about the devastating effects of climate change? Would you welcome news stories that present the solutions to these environmental problems? This is what Good Dirt Radio is all about: telling success stories, encouraging positive action, inspiring hope for the future, contributing to the Ripple Effect of change. Make […] Find out more