Farm Camp

Since quality food is our best medicine and since children are the future of our species, when kids learn about the benefits of locally produced food, there is hope. Thanks to the Internet, farmer’s markets and widespread media reporting on the dangers of industrial food, consumers are starting to see the importance of seeking better […] Find out more

Food Carbon

Thanks to documentaries like Food Inc., consumers are learning the truth about the climate impact resulting from unsustainable, industrial, food supply systems. Investigative food journalist Michael Pollan, reports that the amount of energy required by these hi-tech, fossil fuel based food factories, causes more greenhouse gases than our entire transportation sector. Have a listen to […] Find out more

Farm to School

  The health of our youth is one of our country’s most precious resources. Well-balanced nutrition plays a vital role in our children’s health and quality of life… yet the nutritional value of most school lunches is low quality.  Commonly sub-contracted to fast food corporations, kids are usually served processed, preserved industrial products.  Join us […] Find out more