Blue Economy


Sustainability is a popular, and somewhat overused catch phrase, often misunderstood by everyone from environmentalists to corporate sales departments. But one person with a clear vision of sustainability and how ecosystem-based designs can save resources, money and time, is our friend Gunter Pauli. Gunter is a pioneer in Zero Emissions who consults internationally on environmental solutions. He’s an entrepreneur, visionary writer and member of the Club of Rome who speaks 7 languages. His latest book, The Blue Economy, illustrates how in ten years, just 100 innovations could create 100 million jobs, leaving popular, often expensive ‘green’ concepts in the dust. Join us to find out how common sense and interconnected solutions can turn vast amounts of waste into abundant resources while reducing pollution.

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Links/ Info/ Sources

Prof. Gunter Pauli

Founder of ZERI


The Blue Economy

To Buy the Book-Blue Economy

Examples of the Blue Economy

For a Simple Show Presentation of the Blue Economy

For a Simple Show on Gross National Happiness

Gunter’s Amazing Resume

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