Good Dirt Radio Endorsements

I am honored that Good Dirt Radio was selected as a recipient of the Wirth Chair Sustainability Award for its innovative work in broadcasting. Good Dirt is not only helping to shine a light on success stories that illuminate a more environmentally sound future, but also demonstrating that communications is changing in ways that empower people at the community level to get their ideas and point of view out to the public.”

— Timothy E. Wirth, Former U.S. Senator, President, United Nations Foundation, Better World Fund

One of the major hurdles to a renewed and restored earth is public education. In our busy world, we hear about problems but very little about solutions. If people don’t understand how they can contribute on a personal, community level, they experience numbness or despair. When we are isolated by hopelessness, we miss out on the largest driver of social change; citizen action. The work being done by the folks at Good Dirt Radio helps access the attention of the mass audiences we need to help with environmental restoration. Their news programs inspire people to make informed choices, and that helps us all.”

— Paul Hawken, well known author, entrepreneur and environmental activist

The effort of cutting edge media outlets like Good Dirt Radio to raise citizen awareness of climate change and a host of 21st century environmental challenges is crucial to changing public policy and unwise practices of the past. Good Dirt Radio deserves our wholehearted support in its continuing efforts to educate local communities and the entire nation.”

— Gary Hart, Former U.S. Senator

I like to hear good news, the stories about the people who make a positive difference and who cannot be let down by all that could leave you depressed. At this time in my life I want to be inspired and know that I am not alone, wanting to make a difference. If you want to know about the good environmental news there is only one source … Good Dirt Radio.”

— Gunter Pauli, founder Zero Emissions Research and Initiative (ZERI), of the United Nations University in Tokyo, prolific author

Good Dirt Radio is an example of what’s needed to help fill the gap between scientific knowledge and mass action. Providing funding to shows like this is of critical importance if we are going to jump-start the eco age of enlightenment. There’s no time to waste.”

— Betsy Rosenberg, Host of EcoTalk Radio

Congratulations, Good Dirt Radio! We will change the world at the local level.”

— Mark Udall, Colorado Congressman

What a welcome relief Good Dirt Radio and its programs are to its listeners… keep up the great work, its much needed and appreciated! Thanks you for what you are doing for all of us.”

— Ellen Roberts, Colorado State Representative